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COS Comprehensive Performance Testing Machine

Product introduction:
COS Comprehensive Performance Testing Machine
Model: DR - COS - SAM100

Test object application

COS chip/C-MOUNT chip;COS chip /C- Mounting chip

Semi-automatic design, independent setting of decision conditions

Simple loading, alternating use of double fixture; 

It can be loaded during the test, reasonable use of time, promote efficiency; 

It can be tested individually or in a series of tests;

High measurement accuracy, Kelvin four-line measurement;

Automatically complete tests and print reports; 

Can be customized according to customer needs;


LIV test: the test module is composed of PD detector and integrating sphere, current scan test, draw LIV curve automatically;

Spectral measurement:  the test module is composed of spectrometer, optical fiber and integrating sphere, real-time spectrum drawing;

Far-field Angle test: The angle of the far-field scanning path can be set arbitrarily and the angle chart of the far-field divergence can be drawn automatically;

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