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Recruitment position
Package Device Operator
Job Introduction Requirements:

Number: 8

Salary: 4K-6K

Job specification

1. Men and women are not restricted;

2. Hardworking Spirit, good character and high sense of responsibility;

3. Able to work in double shifts and dust-free workshop.


1. Mainly responsible for product feeding and cutting work to ensure the smooth operation of the production process.

    At the same time, need to use a microscope for visual inspection, strict control of product quality, to ensure that the product is flawless.

Production/R&D technician
Job Introduction Requirements:

Number: 2

Salary: 4K-7K

Job specification
1. College degree or above;
2. Be healthy and free from infectious diseases;
3. Serious, responsible, dedicated and capable of learning; Have strong sense of responsibility, can bear hardships and stand hard work;
Can adapt to clean room (clean room) work environment, can adapt to shift.

1. Provide operation and maintenance support for process equipment;
2. According to the different types of products, take corresponding processing operations;
Arrange professional training on entry.
Chip Process Specialist

Job Introduction Requirements:

Number: 2

Salary: Negotiable


Job Requirements:

1.With electronics, materials, chemistry and other related professional background, and has a Doctoral Degree of talent;

2.Rich experience in chip process development, familiar with semiconductor process flow and equipment operation, and experience in successful development of new processes;

3.Proficient in technologies related to chip process development, familiar with various test methods and test equipment in the chip manufacturing process;

4.Problem solving ability and work report writing ability;

5.Strong learning ability and innovation ability, able to continuously learn and master new technologies;

6.Possess teamwork spirit and good communication skills, rigorous work attitude and good professional ethics.


Job Description:

1.Responsible for chip process development and design;

2.Responsible for product defect analysis and yield rate improvement;

3.Responsible for the development of process specifications and various process standard documents;

4.Responsible for production line process management;

5.Responsible for the planning, design, execution and arrangement of new process experiments, and regular output reporting project progress reports;

6.Responsible for patent application and writing;

7.Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.

Chip process Engineer
Job Introduction Requirements:

Number: 1

Salary: 7K-12K

Job Requirements:
1. Master degree or above, major in semiconductor physics, material, chemistry, microelectronics, electronic science and technology or related;

2. Be physically and mentally healthy and positive;
3. Strong team work spirit and hardworking spirit.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for other chip processes;

2. Coordinate the r&d and production of optoelectronic chips;
3. Assist or guide other employees to improve the process and improve the control accuracy;
4. Maintain the normal operation of equipment together with equipment engineer;
5. Make operation instruction and inspection standard;

R&d engineer
Post to introduce
Number: 1
Salary: 7K-12K

Job Requirements:
1. Master degree or above, major in semiconductor physics, material, chemistry, microelectronics, electronic science and technology or related;
2.Be physically and mentally healthy and positive.
3. Strong team work spirit and hardworking spirit.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Development of new semiconductor laser products;

2. Semiconductor laser chip technology development;
3. Semiconductor laser performance testing, reliability analysis, failure analysis.
Recruitment concept
Adhere to the employment concept of "people first in everything and success first", pay attention to talents, care for talents, cultivate talents, and strive to build a professional, intelligent, dedicated and pragmatic elite team.
fringe benefits
1. Pay performance salary at the end of the year according to the comprehensive evaluation results.
2. Pay five insurances and one fund after becoming a regular.
3. Complete talent training and development system to help employees and teams develop rapidly.
4. The company provides working meals and accommodation free of charge (the dormitory is equipped with water heater, air conditioner, washing machine and independent toilet).
5、According to national regulations, employees enjoy all kinds of paid marriage leave, maternity leave, funeral leave, annual leave and other holidays.
6、The company has basketball court, badminton court, table tennis room, fitness equipment, reading room, activity room, etc.
7、Team activities: tourism, dinner, skill competition, etc; The trade union regularly organizes various recreational and sports activities, and organizes the selection of excellent employees and teams every year.

If you are such a person, we welcome you to send us your resume in English and Chinese.
Contact: Miss Huang / Tel: 18979169675 / wechat: 1387096219
Address: South of Fushan Avenue and west of Jinhu Lake, Xiaolan economic and Technological Development Zone, Nanchang County, Jiangxi Province
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