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Automatic BAR Tester

Product introduction:


Use to test the parameter performance of the side emission bar semiconductor laser chip, including LIV test, spectrum test, far field divergence angle test and so on, the working current IO, output optical power PO, slope efficiency SE, series resistance Rs, threshold current Ith, central wavelength λc, spectral width δλ, kink current Ikink, kink power Pkink, root mean square, side mode rejection ratio SMSR can be fully measured or calculated.


Function modular design, optional as required

Manual feeding, simple loading

Automatic design, automatic calibration, industrial vision identification and positioning

Two-wire/four-wire measurement

CCD far-field Angle measurement method

High measurement accuracy, stable performance

Intelligent design, cutting and sorting, Set the decision conditions independently, automatic completion of the test process and print the report


Comprehensive performance test of side-emitting laser chip BAR 

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